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14                             LETTERS   FROM   THE

gaiety, Madame de Polignac, who was dressed
like a chambermaid, came long after the Queen,
handed by the Count d'Artois. The Queen
whispered to her for a long time, but the Duchess
did not remain near her and passed most of the
night looking over the Count d'Artois, who was
playing at whist. The supper was good and well
conducted, in a large hall, where everyone forms
his own party to fill a table, after which all is
cleared away and a fresh supper served to another

The Queen hates orange-colour, and has de-
clared that she will receive no one who approaches
her with that colour; for which reason no lady
goes to Versailles with orange-coloured ribands,
although they are very common at Paris.

Lately the Duke de Normandie being taken
suddenly ill, Madame de Polignac called in the
physicians, who ordered leeches. She did not tell
the Queen, who was at that time in a critical state
of health, two months after her last confinement,
but told the King, who approved. The leeches
were applied with great medical apparatus, when
by chance the Queen came into the room and saw
her child covered with blood, surrounded by physi-
cians, surgeons and attendants. On learning the
cause, she fell into the most violent fury and vented